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I can't wait to go to st Louis du nord cause it's my first time. more »
Veronique, 06/14/14 9:34 PM
Do not support this movie. The producer is a crook and does not pay the people that work for him. No one likes to be... more »
Ifeyinwa, 06/08/14 10:53 PM
This year 2014 of auguist 19 i will be back home for la stlouis see ya more »
Mr Blanc, 05/31/14 12:46 PM
for kervens lovers circonstance la vie and more »
Kervens Jean Pierre, 01/05/14 4:25 PM
Kote bal Des Rats ap fet? un pe nan jounalist yo fini fek sot batize nou kompren sa men nan bal la eske compe mimi ap... more »
Neg Lakay, 12/21/13 10:14 PM
Finally, an event worth attending on NYE... not a corner store spot, I hope the dress code is true and everyone stick... more »
Woody, 12/17/13 10:49 AM
For the last 4 weeks I have been unsuccessfully trying to get some info about Elle's new location. We will be coming... more »
Serge Jean, 12/14/13 1:10 AM
how do i get tickets for the event? more »
Jennifer Theodore, 09/16/13 10:36 AM
map di pou tout artist yo tankou Michel jean philipe henry dorval limage pierre bonsoir and all the other artists more »
John Henry, 09/06/13 10:18 AM
Please text me (407)432-8136 more »
Edson Michel, 09/05/13 11:56 AM
For Those of you that cannot be there in person, your donation will be greatly appreciated! Let's put a smile on these... more »
Labellecapoise, 08/17/13 7:45 PM
please RSVP me plus one. I am interested in auditioning for a part in the movie. I am a 26 year YOUNG female thats... more »
Francise Jean-louis, 06/30/13 10:17 PM
Are you going to the 15th Annual Haitian Compas Festival in MIAMI? It is happening on May 18 2013 at Bayfront Park more »
Belfet, 05/16/13 10:56 PM
Gen yon sit internet pou livre en folie men pa gen contact info livreenfolie.com/ Ou ka eseye kontacte Livre en folie... more »
Jean, 05/13/13 8:23 AM
contact Dominique Magloire 516924-3275 more »
Dominique Gatterau, 05/06/13 6:15 PM
Bonjour J'aimerais recevoir le plus tot possible la liste des livres qui seront en vente dans le cadre de la session... more »
Fritz Prophete, 05/03/13 1:05 PM
Comment puis-je participer via internet à la nouvelle session de livre en folie de la fin du mois de mai 2013... more »
Fritz Prophete, 05/02/13 5:23 PM
The best program of the year. more »
Jessica, 04/30/13 7:59 PM
My name is Jeff Dorcene with Lycamobile I wouldlike to book a place at the cruise for the upcoming event Kompa at sea... more »
Jeff Dorcene, 04/16/13 2:22 PM
what kind of event is it going to be? more »
Geffrard, 04/13/13 12:30 AM