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Do you make and ship Haitian bread, Haitian cake? more »
Katrina Jean, 06/22/19 9:27 PM
what is the ticket price for that party on that evening more »
Jp, 03/07/19 3:44 PM
konbien kob liye more »
Glorieuse Louis, 09/08/18 1:19 AM
mw rinmin misye dimanshe se fet mw more »
Glorieuse Louis, 09/08/18 1:09 AM
Hey DJ! This is Angel in Athens. It has been years. Hope all is well with you. Just wanted to say hello and that I may... more »
Angel, 04/27/18 10:14 PM
I received an invite to this years Haitian New Years Eve Party on Long Island - But, I lost the info - I know that I... more »
Steve Bell, 11/16/17 6:50 PM
Having a large event. 100 people. Do you have mini patties? for my cocktail hour. more »
Maggie Stlouis, 09/26/17 10:47 AM
would to order Haitian patties more »
Windsor Taylor, 01/30/17 12:59 PM
What is the activity you have this weekend in South Palm Beach Area including Boca, Lake Worth, Delray Etc... more »
Leopold Evariste, 01/26/17 7:20 PM
LA VÉRITÉ, NOUS SOMMES JEUNES Pourquoi adorons-nous, nouveaux ou anciens, Les criminels, les malfaiteurs... more »
K1000, 05/19/16 9:41 PM
Dear Sir/Madam, On April 2, we'll be closing Tilt Kids Festival with an electrifying, exclamatory concert-performance... more »
Pauline Dumora, 03/24/16 12:38 PM
is this a compa/ball or is this a Classy Red Carpet event? 615 707 3266 more »
Anna Williams, 01/07/16 11:03 PM
Miami cho wi la, fok nou vin n di Wendy koman nou fe l. Fanm kou gason mele!!!!!!!!!!! men King nan men King... more »
Thce Tv, 12/19/15 3:24 PM
I would like to know how much are the tickets. Please get back to me asap. Thanks, Molly more »
Molly, 02/09/15 1:39 PM
This Gala is the Anniversary of Broadcasting 102, one of the best radio shows in New Jersey. more »
Bernard, 01/02/15 4:03 PM
je ne peux pas capter la tele sur internet il ya t'il un probleme stp? more »
Doony, 12/06/14 8:08 AM
Would like to know where to get the tickets for this event. thanks maggy more »
Magg, 11/27/14 8:45 PM
i will need ronel to call that number the one who going for the depute in jean rabel for a donation please... more »
Wendy Jean, 11/12/14 10:44 PM
We hope everyone enjoyed HACDC's 1st Annual Little Haiti Community Fest! We hope to see everyone again next year to... more »
Haitian American Communit, 09/30/14 1:26 PM