Colette Jacques In White Roses for my Black Sister

Monday, November 27, 2006
9:05 PM to 11:05 PM
New- York City New-York
Bryant Park
New York, New York
Reservation in advance

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White Roses for My Black Sister a short Film Produced and Directed by Colette Jacques A story of two Medical Students who felt in love but Discrimination sets in to keep them from pursuing their dream. A drama that will sweep you off your feet.

For more info please contact Colette Jacques at 347-424-2259 or write to:
Sesanet Film P.O Box 889 J.A.F. Station
New-York City NY 10116 or e-mail at

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Elder says...

Good news for you ladies.

I know where you can find this movie in English.

Please email

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Cecilia Thomas says...

I too saw this movie in the 70's and would love to see it again in English, I really want the

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Paul says...

hola, my name is paul from amsterdam the netherlands
i've got pata negra on dvd for somebody who's lokking for this movie
mail anyone who needs this

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Lee says...

It's a mexican Film called "Rosas blancas para hermana negra" & you can buy it at amazon link above.

Thanks for your serch, it helped me to find

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Lindy says...

Hi Wendy,
Were you ever successful in optaining a copy of the 1967 movie White Roses for my Black Sister?

I too saw this movie as a little girl in Trinidad and have been looking for it to purchase.

If successful, please post

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Karen says...

please tell me where can i find the movie white roses for my black

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60 S Collection says...

you are so right...White Roses for my Black Sister is found in Spanish version.

I think if we all offer a bit of what we remembered, and the actors/actress in the movie we might get somewhere.

Some one alive has to have a copy of this movie, and I am willing to pay for

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Marla says...

I'm typing this because I cannot find a site to help me rent or buy an old spanish movie called "a/the Right to Be Born", circa late 1950's or 1960's. I know it was a soap opera but I'm referring to the movie only.


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Jgij says...

go to you tube...type rosas blancas and it will get u there ..i saw it in the caribbean

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Black Sister says...

White Roses for My Black Sister

Rosas Blancas Para Mi Hermana Negra (1969)

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