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No my dear Divine, it's in good old Haitian currency. Although we are more than willing to accept American dollar. Are... more »
J.m Galumette, 04/22/11 11:20 AM
Is that in US dollars? I'm referring to the movie tickets. more »
Divine, 04/21/11 5:47 PM
Dear Sir or Madam, My name is Andrew Nadler and I would be interested in shooting the fashion show event on April 22... more »
Andrew Nadler, 04/21/11 2:02 PM
I would like to known where is this movie is taken place since I live in New York City. please send me more info thks. more »
Lionel Louis, 04/20/11 7:53 PM
Lets jam till 2 something --- come and get ur groove on with the classiest people in town.... more »
Micheline Reid, 04/19/11 12:11 PM
Good music- nice place- food available- all that's missing is U! You can even plan to celebrate your Birthday there..... more »
Micheline Reid, 04/19/11 12:07 PM
Calling alllll the pretty ladies!!!!!! more »
Micheline Reid, 04/19/11 12:04 PM
Hope it's everything you promised it'll be. I'll be there... more »
Marie Charlot, 04/18/11 10:30 PM
roosy it me again jeannette remember one thing you are a tiff nothing but that not going to finish between me and you... more »
Jeaannette, 04/18/11 12:47 AM
I recently starred in a haitian movie. I'd love to keep doing it. If you think you can have a spot for me let me know... more »
The First Pick, 04/17/11 8:49 PM
this is definitely going to be hot!!! The last event was amazing the DJ's are great they play the right music and the... more »
Cutie Pie, 04/16/11 10:38 AM
hi my name is fritz i wanna no if u still need ppl if yes u can call me or email on 516 543 2622 guerson23 at... more »
, 04/15/11 8:00 PM
i am interested in this event. more »
Michael Burgos, 04/13/11 3:33 AM
yes, i would love to play in a haitian movie. Can u tell me more please E-mail me more »
Merlande, 04/12/11 4:23 PM
need more infos more »
Annie Thermitus, 04/05/11 5:12 AM
Yes, I would love to play in a movie as Ex-President Cincinatus Leconte, and Ex-President Phillip Guerrier. They are... more »
Rev. Calixte Guerrier, 04/04/11 5:44 AM
Please call me for more information 516-3511998 or 5163511999. Thank you more »
Creole Tv, 04/03/11 9:02 PM
i'd love to attend but i unforntunately lives in haiti :( more »
Pierre Ralph, 04/02/11 12:21 PM
je suis tres comprehensives, j'ai l'habitude 2 participer ds des activites culturels.en resumÉ j'ai beaucoup 2... more »
Katia, 03/29/11 8:52 PM
I'm an Haitian Painter and I do paint on T-shirt, I'd like to take part in this program. I'd like to present My... more »
Nixon Leger, 03/29/11 5:26 PM