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I'm an Haitian Painter, I'd like to take part of this Program specially to present My Artworks, Painting or T-shirt... more »
Nixon Leger, 03/29/11 5:22 PM
Haiti 200 Minute Plan for only $49.99 /month. NO PHONE EQUIPMENT TO PURCHASE. NO INTERNET SERVICE REQUIRED Works with... more »
Marie Pierre, 03/27/11 6:22 PM
thanks much love c u soon more »
Micheline, 03/26/11 10:38 AM
Food to stay or go till 4am.. more »
Cat, 03/26/11 4:56 AM
guerson23 at hotmail.com email me plz more »
, 03/24/11 6:36 PM
The DIVA is back. Can't wait to hear your beautiful voice again.......... I'm proud of you sweetie....Muahhhhh more »
Chinadoll Mimi, 03/24/11 3:20 PM
Looking forqard to it....... more »
Chinadoll, 03/24/11 3:15 PM
Come out and show your support! more »
Mar, 03/24/11 2:43 PM
I totally agree...it's overdue, time for our beautiful Haitian Princess to get back on the stage and do her thing, I... more »
Mar, 03/24/11 2:14 PM
The email, pyramidfp at hotmail.com, and rooseveltmrtn at yahoo.com or you can call (516)451-2782 more »
Roosevelt Martin, 03/23/11 9:58 PM
Sorry. Our contact number is 866-333-1361 ext 5209. more »
Maria B, 03/23/11 5:01 PM
Good day my name is Maria I am affiliated with 3i an interpreting agency in California. We are currently recruiting... more »
Maria B, 03/23/11 4:56 PM
This promises to be a great party. I am looking forward to seeing one of my favorite Haitian/American artists in the... more »
Jnmichel, 03/22/11 6:30 PM
Heyyyy! i sawww her on youtubee she sounddss lovelyyy!!!! im in there. come support this lovely voice!! =) more »
Brianaa, 03/22/11 5:56 PM
I remember seeing her at the Caribbean Fest at Prince George's college years ago. Hott stuff! Beautiful voice. My... more »
Taylor, 03/22/11 1:05 PM
Is this who I think it is?? Girl I've always wondered what became of you.Im so glad I found out about this.Count me in... more »
Angie, 03/22/11 12:28 PM
Can't wait -Hope to see some old faces and new ones too.Come show support to us beautiful,young,talented,haitian... more »
Micheline Reid, 03/22/11 10:58 AM
there is no email to reply to. more »
Josh, 03/13/11 10:24 AM
L'Imposteur Impromptu is a must see film it is a compelling story packed with action, love, suspense it will keep you... more »
Bollywood Studios, 03/11/11 9:51 AM
Hi! I'm Guerline Cribe please call me 647-309-5982 more »
Guerline Cribe, 03/09/11 8:28 PM