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where do you buy ticket for festival for the july 04 2010 festival if you the answer contact me on juniormarceillant38... more »
Junior Marceillant, 07/01/10 3:14 PM
What is this event? Is there any more information that can be provided? more »
Drew, 07/01/10 9:35 AM
Apply at: fondeschaiti.com HAITIAN STUDENT EARTHQUAKE VICTIMS more »
Fondesch Team, 06/29/10 2:51 PM
sir I am Rehman Ghani. My age is 20 year And my qualification is intermediate in account field know i want to study... more »
Rehman Ghani, 06/29/10 8:29 AM
where can i watch this movie online for free more »
Kiana, 06/28/10 7:51 PM
Age to party? Id required? more »
Anonymous, 06/24/10 7:08 PM
I saw this movie and i have to admit it is one of the best haitian so far congratulations to you Mr. Galumette more »
Cassandra, 06/19/10 8:00 PM
my name is kristin nicole reaves and i would like to be an extra in your movie. i want to be an actrss when i grow up... more »
Kristin Nicole Reaves, 06/13/10 12:37 AM
hi u doin i wanted to know if there is anyone i can talk to about performing at this event, just one song. my group is... more »
Abdias Louineus, 06/09/10 3:45 PM
so is there nothing going on for us out here in longisland? we need some kompas too you know!!!!!1 more »
Judy Derulo, 06/09/10 3:04 PM
To Whom It May Concern: Are there any hotels near the Venue within walking distance?? Thanks more »
Bea, 06/09/10 1:05 PM
Hello. My name is Elizabeth Todd. I work for Charity Getaway Fundraising. We specialize in providing travel... more »
Elizabeth Charity Getaways, 06/09/10 10:27 AM
Thanks for your approval and satisfaction of our event,as a reminder on June 12,2010 this saturday we will be... more »
Gq, 06/07/10 6:12 PM
t- vice bonbagay more »
Joe, 06/07/10 3:48 PM
They will be available in just a few days. on Facebook.com request Vonel Lamour or Ash Theo as friends. Or Do a... more »
Ash Theo, 06/07/10 8:33 AM
If you want to see pictures done by V world enterprise that were done on the Kompa cruise where can you go to view them? more »
Fleurette, 06/06/10 8:24 PM
mwen santi m ap fou le map tande mizik sa,je suis a santiago je me sens fiere de vous deux.je suis une etudiante au... more »
Dossous Minerve Ange, 06/06/10 2:14 PM
Ronito, 06/06/10 8:54 AM
Hi there, My name is Power-J and I'm the creator of Haiti Kiskeya, the fastest growing Haitian community online. I'm... more »
Power-j, 06/01/10 9:50 PM
I am getting married next year and I need a DJ for the wedding, I was so excited to hear that you play kompa, my fianc more »
Whitney, 06/01/10 7:06 PM