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D-TAY do play good music. I will be there for sure..... more »
Dirt Love, 01/22/11 11:34 PM
Listen to this Radio station is great. Radio Caraibes live Fm from Port Au Prince. more »
Jean, 01/22/11 9:20 PM
Hi Elizabeth...please contact me regarding vacation packages for fundraisers. We are hosting a gala event and would... more »
Lori Mcalexander, 01/17/11 12:51 AM
amazon.com It's a mexican Film called "Rosas blancas para hermana negra" & you can buy it at amazon link above. Thanks... more »
Lee, 01/14/11 4:08 PM
Hi Wendy, Were you ever successful in optaining a copy of the 1967 movie White Roses for my Black Sister? I too saw... more »
Lindy, 01/14/11 12:20 PM
can i add u on fb i like ur songs big up for u sweetie hope to see u there anyway u already know represent the flag... more »
Kengi Weche, 01/14/11 12:54 AM
The guily movie how can i get it i have heard of it how pssion love it is. l love to buy it but how, i caqn i get to... more »
Sharefaadam, 01/10/11 12:30 PM
please tell me where can i find the movie white roses for my black sister more »
Karen, 01/04/11 10:56 AM
Hi whitney! If you are still needing a Dj? more »
Dj Mclee, 12/29/10 2:05 PM
Merci de pouvoir nous informer votre pr more »
Sxm Festval Gospel Concer, 12/22/10 9:24 PM
Si Dieu vuet je serrai la.I'll be if it's God's will won't miss it.LOVE YALL more »
Nati, 12/22/10 10:57 AM
Bal se vendredi 17 dec a 12:00am pou 3:00 am artiste invite se babass avek ti-claude de "xtassy" bal ap fet "cafe... more »
Jack, 12/16/10 8:52 PM
Souple Ban mwen enformasyon Mesi Bokou....Mwen Vle danse....Mwen Zanmi Vini la and Mwen Nou Vini Pita la oke send mwen... more »
Demetrius, 12/15/10 10:30 AM
We spend 3 months in Kissimmee Florida. Jan - end of March 2011. We are looking forward to attending some Gospel Music... more »
Larry, 12/15/10 6:08 AM
Is this information accurate? I contacted the venue and they had no clue what I was referring to. more »
Island, 12/12/10 7:28 PM
Sir, I am Ugama Confidence, I am 21years old. Due to admission failure, pls i need a visa to study abraod free of... more »
Ugama Confidence, 12/02/10 5:52 AM
now the baby have 1 years October 29 2010 more »
Lou, 10/29/10 6:45 PM
j'aime la musique haitienne more »
Normil, 09/08/10 8:12 AM
I know he does some good things because of the Hospital in the area and I respect him for that but He is not qualify... more »
Sara, 08/27/10 4:53 PM
I am very excited about this program. I was very tired to stay home after the earthquake. thank you Fondesch Team more »
Jeanette Surpris, 08/03/10 2:50 PM