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yes its at Palenet Cellular more »
Naomi, 06/23/11 8:52 AM
I like the band but what I witnessed last night on 06/18/11, was a total deception. My wife and I went to the Flavors... more »
Joseph Bernardin, 06/19/11 5:22 PM
Is it really PALENET Center? Or Planet Cellular? Which one us it? more »
Giselle, 06/18/11 10:57 AM
Marie how are you? Yes, it has been closed. A new place, own by Haitians, will be openning the weekend of the 18th of... more »
Baron, 06/08/11 7:34 PM
Can someone tell me has this closed? Checked the event twice and nothing was going on? more »
Marie, 06/08/11 1:55 PM
Garnel Ambroise, 06/02/11 12:39 PM
Please send me time dates and address more »
Kathlene, 05/26/11 9:41 PM
DJ Marvin is there a dress code for this event? more »
Queen0509, 05/21/11 4:33 PM
For anyone coming to the audition tomorrow. 2 Verite, 3 Manti Character breakdown. A la Definitely, Maybe more »
Maxwell, 05/06/11 9:01 AM
Hi Stephania. Thanks for your interest. However, I need to know where you are located in order for me to set up an... more »
, 05/02/11 2:27 PM
Hi, my name is Stephania I was born and raised in Haiti. I would love to be an actress. more »
Stephania Charles, 05/02/11 10:53 AM
galumette call me again please stanley more »
Stanley Matheus, 04/27/11 10:13 AM
No my dear Divine, it's in good old Haitian currency. Although we are more than willing to accept American dollar. Are... more »
J.m Galumette, 04/22/11 11:20 AM
Is that in US dollars? I'm referring to the movie tickets. more »
Divine, 04/21/11 5:47 PM
Dear Sir or Madam, My name is Andrew Nadler and I would be interested in shooting the fashion show event on April 22... more »
Andrew Nadler, 04/21/11 2:02 PM
I would like to known where is this movie is taken place since I live in New York City. please send me more info thks. more »
Lionel Louis, 04/20/11 7:53 PM
Lets jam till 2 something --- come and get ur groove on with the classiest people in town.... more »
Micheline Reid, 04/19/11 12:11 PM
Good music- nice place- food available- all that's missing is U! You can even plan to celebrate your Birthday there..... more »
Micheline Reid, 04/19/11 12:07 PM
Calling alllll the pretty ladies!!!!!! more »
Micheline Reid, 04/19/11 12:04 PM
Hope it's everything you promised it'll be. I'll be there... more »
Marie Charlot, 04/18/11 10:30 PM