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RE: 1st Annual Compas Music Festival in Orlando

Since this is on the afternoon of Saturday 7/5, will the bands have any bals on the night of Friday 7/4? There is no... more »

Admission $55, is this a typo?

Admission $55 is this correct I was thinking of going to visit family that weekend and go but now...??? more »

Djakout Atlanta Bal canceled last minute

It's always something with these Haitian bands. I was upset with Nu Look for a long time when they were supposed to... more »

Nu-Look Atlanta Bal canceled last minute

Well it happened again Nu Look was scheduled to perform in Atlanta Oct 1 I think it was. And there I was again with a... more »

Nu-Vice was in ATL earlier this year

r u referring to Nu-Vice they were just here in earlier this year 2005(in May I think). I went it was on Memorial Drive more »

Broken promises from promoters in ATL

Robert, I originally posted this message after the fiasco when Djakout Mizik stood us up in Atl. I want to add that... more »

Zin in ATL or Alan Cave in ATL????

Zin in ATL or Alan Cave in ATL -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are... more »

Haitian spots to dance in Atlanta

Bistro Creole Fridays Le Bon Berger Restaurant/Club Saturdays King Caribbean Restaurant/Club Saturdays There are... more »

Nu Look in Atlanta canceled Nu Look stuck in Haiti

I hope they show up because Nu Look was supposed to play in Atlanta Oct. 1 and the show was canceled last minute. Mind... more »

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