student visa prep.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010
10.00 am
P-au-p, Haiti

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Are you a high school Graduate in Haiti and would like to apply for student visa. We can help you apply for a student visa to major college or university in USA and Canada and also for TOEFL English Academic, General English and MCAT or more.

FONDESCH has a helpful directory of study abroad programs to guide you to get you started to process your student visa application for your academic, university and research studies.

• Programs Throughout United States and Canada and Latin America

* Local and International Travel Included
* Accredited High-Quality Programs
* Great Program Value
* Form Translation

Fill out the application at:

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Jeanette Surpris says...

I am very excited about this program.

I was very tired to stay home after the earthquake.

thank you Fondesch

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