Forgiveness Le Pardon Movie Premiere

Saturday, September 13, 2008
6:30 PM

Event Details

Ben Production Presents "FORGIVENESS" (LE PARDON) A Benedict Lamartine Film
Movie Grand Premiere Saturday September 13, 2008 at RAMADA HOTEL 144 JFK AIRPORT JAMAICA, NY 11430 Show starts at 6:30 PM. Dinner Included, Formal wear ADM. $100 P/P
Invited Artists - Ricardo Lefevre - Samuel Vincent - Rosiny Deronette and Juliette Milord from the Movie NATILE
for info call: 718-341-9237 / 917-586-6551

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Emilyne says...

That's not good you know this is call thief, those people forgot where they come from or how low they were. Now they trying to rape off peoples pocket.$100 for a movies and those so called Artist have no Performing Art School Background.


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Dominicke Lamartine says...

OMG!! We don't even know the producer or the artists!! what a ripoff! That is worse then a fund raising.

At least ask a decent price for a begining...

people always want to get rich fast at other people's

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M.d. says...

It makes no business sense for someone to pay $100 for a movie.

How am I supposed to bring a family member (my mom, to be specific)?

I can't even pay for myself! It would be much more profitable for the movie investors to bring the price down. Way

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Ruggina Henry says...

omg i have no idea who those people you guys invited, maybe you guys should invite a haitian celebrity that everybody knows for that

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Natie says...


The cost is too high. Revise

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Kato says...


are you kidding me?

I'd love to support you guys, but not that way. I agree with one of the previous comments - that's not a good way to start.

At least, have Carimi, Nu Look, T-Vice or some other big Haitian bands playing - I'd understand.

Good luck

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Haitian Movie Critique says...

I agree with you this price is crazy $100 for a movie premier and he dont realy look like a good movie is not exiting at all.
that the same thing for

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K.domod says...

I agree $100 is a lil ova da

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Leilah says...

I wanted to support the initiative, but too bad! Your price is not a smart way to attract Haitians and Haitian friends from other ethnic

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