The 2 Weapons of Life GRAND PREMIERE at Delta

Friday, November 30, 2007
06:00 PM
Delta Downtown
777 University Street
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Event Details

Never seen a hollywood film in the Haitian community. This is the first haitian film which attracted the attenion of the local and international media. Shot with the collaboration of Montreal police and a multimillion production guarantee, this is the first haitian film to hit the theatres of theartes worldwide. All of the local media, including a few surprise star apperances are expected at the Grand Premiere at the downtown Delta in montreal - home of the famous "tour de ville"
Here is your chance to come and see it first hand, if not, find out from the media.

About The Movie

Carlo is threatening to kill MarioaE™s family, and is looking for Lisa and Mario.
Mario has a good friend Max that is aware of the situation. He decides to support his friend Mario saying: aE˜We Ride Together, We Die TogetheraE™.
Mario has to choose how to protect himself by using one of the two weapons of life, the Bible or a gun.
Mario is struggling with morality. Killing is a sin. However, sometimes you have to take an action to kill, before you get killed!

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All Comments (3)

Stephanie Saint-elot says...

Baby i can't wait to see the movie.

I know it's going to be the best Haitian action movie ever. Keep up the good work. I LOVE YOU

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Chris says...

Carlo, I think that you need some help, because you should know that you can fool people just one time but as you know you can do it all the time, I'm still in florida specially in Palm Beach County, one time is not last so one day before we pass away i will have to see you face to face and you will have to pay me back, I'm talking about cash, you took my money and disapear just like that, because of you I have a lot people who contact me for sponsor i just cannot answer

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Vanite says...

I don't see it yet but I think is't will be nice that's why I whould like to konw who is the

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