RE: 1st Annual Compas Music Festival in Orlando

Tonya - July 8 2008, 12:31 PM

HORRIBLE! FALSE ADVERTISEMENT-- The festival was advertised as being held at the Florida Citrus Bowl (a stadium) instead it was held across the street on an empty lot on the grass in the sun. There were no seats only 1 small bleecher near the stage apparently for the family & friends of the vendors selling food at the festival.

There were no trees to get some shade or relief from the sun.UNORGANIZED--The tickets did not go on sale in advance as advertised in Miami.

Everytime the organizers were contacted they gave out addresses and telephone numbers of places where tickets could be purchased but when participants would go to these locations they were told the tickets had not been brought to them yet up until 2 days before the festival.

There were No Re-Entry signs posted at the festival as if you were at a club; once you were inside you could not leave and come back. The HGK security company that was hired for security had 4 Orlando police officers escort 1 man & 1 woman out (while the organizers stood by and did not say a word to the security officers or the police).

Even though the security guards and the police officers were American, they were being paid by the organizers and should not have allowed for their people/supporters to be treated this way as they were paying the off-duty officers and security guards.The man got upset when they would not let him back into the festival.

They were not not unruly or rowdy.

The man was wearing the armband given once you enter the woman was not allowed back in even though she showed her ticket stub. VENDORS-- other than some Obama campaign workers there was no mention of the fact that this was being held during the United States Independence Day weekend.

There were not shout outs or acknowledgement of this great country that has given us all a new beginning and fresh start.

BANDS--the only good thing about the festival were top name bands such as Koudjay, Bel Djaz, Carimi and Zin. COST $30/PARKING $10-- even after the great performances it was not worth the price, the effort or the drive and flights that I know some people took to come to Orlando to support the festival.

OVERALL-- the organizers bamboozled the attendees of this effort.

I know it was their first but...another let down.

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you just can't stand something good was done by a...

you just can't stand something good was done by a...

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