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Haitian Don - December 21 2007, 8:03 PM

You idiot, what Lord are you serving?

Son of Satan, Son of Lucifer, you said do not use the Lord's name in vain. You must be very stupid fool, the Lord does not teach hate. You are spreading your hate and you are talking about Lord.
Satan must be your Lord, & we are not talking bad about United States because we are the United States of America

We built this country with our knowledge & sweat while you Lazy welfare rats were at home counting the Welfare

Haitian do not go on Welfare because we have too much pride and knowledge.

You rats can stay on Welafre
if you want while we progress as Haitians.

Go check the Honor Roll at Columbia University and you will see my name
as listed Yves Noel Pierre.

I graduated Columbia University with a 4.0 Average, which 1 of you rats attended college

In case' you' Welfare' rats' do' not' know, Columbia University is one of the most prestigious Universities in the
United States of America.

My intelligence paid for my tuition which means that you Rats have no excuse to be on Welfare.

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First of all before you bash America, go home and do...

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