American Made I Know Who You Are Ugly

Haitian Don - December 21 2007, 7:19 PM

My opinion matters idiots, and you do know how to spell.

Let me tell you something about myself welfare rats. My name is Yves Noel Pierre, I moved to the United States in 1998, i am currently 25 25 years of age. I completed my bachelor's program in Engineering and Applied Science the year 2004 and would obtain the Master of Science in Industrial two years later.

In case you can not do the math, i received my bachelor's and my master's at Columbia University.

I am only 25 years of age and i earned my Master at the age of 24, it feels so good to be Haitian and a Hard worker.

I am writing in your level so that you welfare rats can comprehend me. I do know how to spell and the mispelled words are my thoughts about you welfare rats, trailor trash rats that i can not express on this site. I am
on the Honor Roll list at Columbia University and i suggest that you visit them and check what we have achieved
as haitians.

I am currently paying for life through my taxes and you welfare rats should be supporting yourselves.

I have never heard of a Haitiian on Wlefare and why are you guys so addicted to it, is it a drug?

This is my Country
idiots, it is hard working Haitians like myself that made America what it is. f this Country depended on you Welfare
Rats, it would be just your homes, filty.

Haitians do not carry diseases, it is rWelfare rats as yourselves that create diseases in Labs. I am a hard working Monkey and i am a legend in the making, your rat children will work for me

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First of all before you bash America, go home and do...

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