American Made Very Ugly

Haitian Don - December 14 2007, 10:29 PM

American Made or whatever your name is! i realized that you are very upset at us Haitian men, and it is a shame that you are surfing our sites looking for more Haitian men. You should be a shame of yourself Dirty Whore, it is not our fault that you were so dumb and allowed yourself to get palyed by an Haitian Guy for a green Card. If you were smart enough, you would have known that an haitian man would never be with your Ugly assss unless he is getting a green Card from your dumb Ugly W. trash.

We Haitian men are clean and we do not like stink punanna and maybe next time wash your stink azssss and your man will stay around, you ugly lonely ugly Biatch, wash your shiattt biatch, i can smell it from your front door. This is not your country, you have no identity B, this is our country and it was build on our hard work you dumb azssss, you are probably on welfare and we are feeding you

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you are an idiot. i guess your cunta kenta used his...

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