Djakout Mizik vs Krezi Mizik

Bel Boul - December 21 2006, 8:35 PM

It is unfortunate to continuingly witness turmoil inside musical groups as faced by ZENGLEN.

I believe that we ought to embrace the ideologies of Septentrional and Tropicana by the manner that they do business in the musical industry.

That is the difference between MINI JAZZ and orchestra whereas administration is vital in the growth, development and the mainstay of their progress for all those years...and more to come. Therefore, Conratulations to both musical organizations for a job well done. These so-called Jazz groups must and should start to notice that.
As always,
Bel Boul

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Look forward for this festivity where compas will...

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Djakout Mizik Vs Krezi Mizik

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