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Lady L - March 11 2006, 5:31 PM

I hope that this dosen't mean that I'land Face will no longer throw anymore Bal's. I've been to many Haitian events in the Orlando area. Some good Some bad. But I have to say that going to an event organized by I'land Face has been the best. The guy who throws these bal's makes sure that each and every person is a satisfied customer.

He even takes the time to go around to meet and greet each and every person, how many promoters can you say takes the time to do that. We as a Haitian Community always claim we want better services, want to be respected, and want our hard earned money well spent.

That's exactly what I'land Brand provides at Club Mambo.

I don't really know the issue surrounding this bad news but all I have to say is HATERS STOP HATING AND SUPPORTERS KEEP SUPPORTING beacuse the Haitian Community needs many more I'land Faces in our corner.

Peace and Love.
A satisfied customer:)

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