I Landface Entertainment Inc - March 8 2006, 9:38 AM

As the year go by I'Landface continue to bring the most upscale Party to one of the most beautiful City in the World.

We appreciate everyone support from the botton of our heart.

A year strong we still standing, we also would like to let everyone knows that, this party will be our last one at club Mambo.

We will no longer open on sunday anymore after march 26th, you still will be able to dance hangout vs nulook on friday april 21th. As a young Entrepenuer I alway believe Knowledge and good customer service can get you anywhere in business one thing I fell to realize dealing with the Haitian culture its a whole different ball game. After dealing with my people for almost a year now I realize why our country cannot or will not go anywhere, some of us still have the slave mentallity.

(if i cant have it you cant either).

We salute those that stay around for years after years like the Noel Cecibon's, Kaliko's, Galamix, We salute the fans, the supporters we also give love to all the envy, haters.

You might wonder why I choose to write this book. jfragelus [at] aol.com or 407-925-7292 welcome any comment

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I hope that this dosen't mean that I'land Face will...

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