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Tyrone A. Richet - December 5 2008, 10:49 PM

My name is Tyrone, I live in the pacific Northwest Seattle, WA I would love to go to Haiti Saint-Du- Nord with you. I have always wanted to go back to my country to visit, most of all I was born in Saint- Louis -Du-Nord but with all the distorted negative comments I have been hearing lately such as killing and kidnapping visitors I some how fulfil with fears of going to my home-land.

As a Common curtesy will please e-mail me at souvientoidemoi at and tell me how we can make arrangents in going together for the Saint Louis Du Nord Cellebration on august.

I have 3 of my American's friend class-mates that are anxious of going with me as well....That would be fantastic if you can make that effort by contacting me.

Thank you much

Tyrone A. Richet

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si yon belle moun ta vle a le avec mouin email mouin...

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As an American who have visted Saint Louis because...

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