Independence Day Compas - Nu Look

Monday, July 3, 2006
10:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Tropical Reflexion
4501 Glenwood Ave (Bet E45th & E46th)
Brooklyn, New York

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Superhaitian says...

I think its great that Djakout is coming back to amazura considering what happened last thanksgiving.

they should come more often to amazura because its bigger than Club

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Sandra Moise says...

I love Djo Zenny from kreyol la! thats my dude! i love his part in "I love you Ann".

why couldnt he love ME like

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Romuald says...

Bonne fete superstar nomal, keep it real.
Make all your dreams come true!
keep it real, toujou souke dreak la tande me gusta mucho.

Pouchon diga me cuantos anos cumples?

ou konnen neg saj m renmen wew kap chante anpil man.

feliz cumpleanos.

Que Dios te

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Guerliine Nelson says...

Happy Birthday Pouchon.

i wish you the best, May the lord bless you and your family.

keep on doing the good job, soon you will be rewarded.

i love you, i enjoy listening to you. Bonne Fete encore mon tres cher

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Paola Orisca says...

hey wassup im roros niece and my birthday is the 13 to and my uncle haven't call me in a long time so i just wanted to say happy birthday since my own uncle can't call and say happy birthday

from paola

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