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Thank you so much for replying. I booked my hotel in Kissimmee for the weekend. How far is Kissimee to this venue... more »
Remi, 05/05/10 10:29 AM
could please give me a hand and send me a couple upbeat hatian music to my emails more »
Vanessa, 05/04/10 1:18 PM
Hello we are so glad to have you. After the pool party we will go to the lounge for more Hurricane night, will you... more »
Roosy Berthole, 05/03/10 4:42 PM
I will definately be there but where can I attend an after party on friday may 14 and sat may 15th? I am coming from... more »
Remi, 05/03/10 3:33 PM
I am very interested in participating in your upcoming project May 9th. A group of 6 students (4 being... more »
Londyn Graham, 04/30/10 12:34 AM
I would like to know more about the project. I want to do a fundraiser to help in the effort. But would like more... more »
Betty Oliver, 04/28/10 9:38 PM
map ottawa pou weekend nan, mwen pral cheke place sa more »
Gaelle112, 04/28/10 2:38 PM
Soy director de fotografia de cine y television cubano, si necesitan de mi ponerse en contacto, toda mi familia por... more »
Camilo Widmaier, 04/24/10 1:12 PM
where can i find tickets in orlando, fl? more »
Rose, 04/23/10 1:06 PM
Dear Bibilove, BONNE FETE, QUE DIEU BENISSE SAINT LOUIS DU NORD!!! Bishop Jean Gerard Rhau JRHAU at COX.NET... more »
Bishop Jean Gerard Rhau, 04/22/10 5:54 PM
I won!!! Cap-Haitien was represented well! more »
Beverley Joseph, 04/22/10 5:52 PM
Bishop Jean Gerard Rhau, 04/22/10 5:31 PM
on vous attend tous les visiteurs. saint-louis vous acceuille toujours. more »
Bibilove, 04/22/10 1:41 PM
I am glad we still have the sprit to go on after a very tragic earthquake.Gazmann I hope to meet you and Larivier.I... more »
Marie H, 04/20/10 1:13 PM
When is the next band coming to Philly more »
Gigi, 04/19/10 11:36 AM
I wish I was in Jersey, I would not miss this party more »
Maxime, 04/18/10 3:27 PM
Please let me know if you will be doing more casting for the movie after today more »
P Felix, 04/18/10 2:08 PM
This is a very entertaining movie. It is very different from most Haitian movies I've watched. It's full of action and... more »
, 04/18/10 7:34 AM
I would like to participate in our Casting. Thank you. more »
Veronique D Fanfan, 04/18/10 3:05 AM
For more info, contact Siwo at 678-740-8720 or 678-499-0066 Hit me: facebook.com See you there! more »
Swio, 04/04/10 2:21 AM