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I am Jean Elie Barjon. Herza and I have a common ancestor, the general Joseph Rovigo Barjon from Jacmel. I am so proud... more »
Jean Elie Barjon, 05/24/10 9:09 AM
are they checking id there more »
Michel, 05/22/10 10:49 AM
Hello my friend how are? i am so sorry i did not get a chance to respond to your questions, it is best if you get the... more »
Roosy Berthole, 05/20/10 11:40 AM
Whu you didn't put the address? I try to find out the address of the nightclub, but i can't. more »
Rose, 05/19/10 1:25 PM
Very entertaining....lots of action and comedy. Nice to see a Haitian movie filmed in the streets of Haiti itself... more »
Miss Dior, 05/19/10 12:07 AM
OMG i cant wait to go back to st louis du nord its my home town sous fort rue l hopital.see ya all ao the 18 of august... more »
Bouna, 05/18/10 8:35 PM
Is there a number I can call to reserve or get more info? an email address? more »
Jah, 05/17/10 8:44 PM
This is the new place for this event, I cannot locate the code to remove the previous one I added but this is where... more »
Yonel, 05/17/10 8:56 AM
This is no longer the place we are doing this event, please check the new post for this event more »
Yonel, 05/17/10 8:54 AM
The place is big and they have used a total of 3 different buldings to make the whole place each stages have an... more »
Yonel, 05/17/10 8:52 AM
There are two address listed for this occasion on the same date. Can you verify which one is correct. Also I would... more »
Karunya, 05/16/10 11:42 AM
Hello how are you, thank you for responing. there is a package of $149.00 that include everything ( a bottle, a room... more »
Roosy Berthole, 05/15/10 10:34 AM
i would like to come to the party tonight. how much is a room night? how much is a bottle of goose? more »
Jean Pierre, 05/14/10 8:44 AM
Peres, 05/13/10 12:06 PM
Hello my name is Desirae I was wondering if you are hiring for security. I have my license and updated 8hr. annuel. I... more »
Desirae, 05/06/10 8:03 PM
Tickets available at : Mango's Bistro (305) 232-9250 Chantal's Beauty Salon (305) 382-9900 Libreri Mapou (305) 757-9922 more »
Creole Beat Productions, 05/06/10 3:47 PM
where can i buy ticket for the event jean michel daudier and leon dimanche more »
Katyna Delince, 05/06/10 9:38 AM
Mechan Dou is showing again on May 23, 2010 at Little Haiti Cultural Center, 260 NE 59th Terrace, Miami,FL 33137... more »
Zwing Productions, 05/06/10 8:25 AM
Not too fare it's right next door less then 30 minutes. It is the Radisson Hotel on International dr everything is in... more »
Roosy Berthole, 05/05/10 11:12 PM
Hi Londyn, Can you email Diane Wolkstein about this at dianewolkstein at gmail.com? -Mark more »
Mark, 05/05/10 5:31 PM