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Michelle - October 5 2007, 12:21 PM

my name is michelle, i'm 17 years i was born in haiti
delmas #33, i came here when i was little, i can speak fluently, english, french, creole, and little bit, pas trois and spanish, i can, sing, dance also act very good, i always give 100 percent, of everything i do and i'm not fat nothing like that, i have nice body, i'd always wanted to be an actress and i have confidence in me, i'm ready to do it all so please contact me, and also check out my myspace, just go to myspace, and put daaliyaah, you'll see my myspace, and this the number to contact me,
561-294,2431or 786,413,5522, or 786,399,1889 thanks, keep it up, bel poze.

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