Casting call for Les Immigrants

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Ginette Joseph says...

i'm interested in this casting call but never been an actress in a movie. However, I feel that I can play in a movie... more »

Chris says...

you can can send us a picture and some basic information about go to or email us at info at... more »

Joying says...

Hi! my name is sarah i live right on lantana road and jog i would really like to joying but only i have one problem is... more »

Chris says...

Hi Sarah I'm glad you are interrestred in participating in our next project, by the way the time is not a probleme if... more »

Chris says...

can u email me at info at or call me at 561-8274661 ask for chris the casting director more »

Michelle says...

hi my name is michelle, i'm 17 years old,i'm very interested, about become in actress in the future, i can sing, dance... more »