Go Colette Jacques Congratulations!

Mme Jolicoeur - April 19 2007, 9:44 PM

I feel this is great thing that Colette Jacques is doing after being the First Black Female to be the founder and An AIDS Education Program where Everyone benefited from her "How to use Condom" even they called her Mme Kapot (Mrs.Condom) She dis so much in bringing Haitien together in New-York fighthing for Discrimination against Haitien around the world.

She first brought Haitien in Los-Angeles California together.

She first created a political party in Haiti.

Only woman Carpenter Forman in Los Island recognize by the department of Labor in New-york.

Now she is making film I think this a great thing I hear this graduated from film making.

GO Colette! Go Colette!

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