Finally a Haitian Gospel Music Awards

Henry Dorval - October 12 2006, 8:23 PM

I believe this is an unprecedented event by the Haitian community in this city. Time has finally come for our generation, to stand up and be counted as an ethnic force and an asset in the city of Philadelphia.

On behalf of the Haitian Community, I want to congratulate HCHC and fellow singer Emmanuel Polection, for their undying effort in bringing talented haitians artists to the forefront and in being our voice in this city.

From preaching behind the pulpits to taking the Good News behind prison bars, from feeding and sheltering the homeless and being an advocate for the HAVE-NOTS to contributing in the social stratum accross numerous Colleges and Universities in the Delaware valley.

Haitian people want to proudly show the world why they are the world's first independent black nation.

We are a very spirited group, we fight for what we believe is right.

Haitians are known the world over as an honest and hard working people that come from all walk of life. We are driven and steadfast in spite of our chaotic socio-political situation back home. Close to 40% of Haitians believe and serve the almighty God in spirit and in truth.

I strongly believe that only the Power of the Holy Spirit can transform the heart, thus producing a spiritual domino effect in everyone's soul. America needs a savior, this world needs a savior.

Enough of the negative news, enough of the nonsense.

This gospel shall be preached the world over and then, the end will come; well!! it is being preached all over the airwaves, it is in the print media, it's in Cyberspace and it is being sung...


Can't wait !!

Rev. Henry Dorval
Singer/Song Writer/ Recording Artist

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