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Peanut - May 23 2006, 9:01 AM

Jean I just read the comment you made about Selavi but I do'nt believe you quite understood what you just wrote.

I know you very well and I do not recall that you saw the movie to the point that you have to judge actors by their attitude.

First you live in New York how can you ever give your feedback about a movie that you have never seen. Selavi was cancelled out in New York and you did not go to see it in Florida that I know for sure. And also you claimed that you are "le frere de Nadine Boucard" I know all your brothers and sisters I do not think Nadine Boucard in Selavi is even related to you. And in the case that she were your feedback about her movie would not sound such jealousy type it could have been totally positive.

Anyway, my advice to you is only to be patient until the movie comes to your area. Also be creative, do not plagiarize French can be very prejudice when writing a plagiarizing statement.

Hey by the way you are missing a work cited page! Please provide it with author's name and date next time you are writting such statement.

Thank you

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selavi it's a great movie but the producer need to...

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