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Jean says...

I heard a lot of great things about this movie, I heard that it's a wonderful movie. you should check it out! more »

Jennifer says...

Why can't you guys doing it in Chicago? When are you guys coming to Chicago? more »

Dieudonnemc says...

Will us anglophones be able to enjoy it? Subtitles work too. Some films don't even have them. more »

Kritik says...

kritik, i have to say, Se Lavi is one of the best haitian movie that has never come out. the picture and the acting... more »

M says...

I am sick of "Se Lavi" can I watch something else? why you give people no choice, you try to shovel this movie down... more »

Joe says...

I love "Se Lavi" and I think everyone should see it and support the effort of our young people in the community... more »