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Bollywood Studios - March 11 2011, 9:51 AM

L'Imposteur Impromptu is a must see film it is a compelling story packed with action, love, suspense it will keep you on the edge of your seat.

It stars industry known talents such as Zagalo Prince, Smith Cassamajor, Marie Alama Cassamajor.

It has something for everyone.

It was directed by well known director Melissa Singh-Khan of Western World Film Productions who has worked with many industry talents people are raving about this moving story.

It will be featured at the Ritz Theatre in Elizabeth New Jersey on March 26th 2011 live performances by Graffiti Thrill and many other well known talents.

People are raving about all the excitement and emotion in this film Zagalo Prince really brought a new look to the industry .Don't miss out come and see the movie of the year L'Imposteur Impromptu

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L'imposteur Impromptu

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